Estate Pipes For Sale

Last updated March 10 2013 12:28 PM Pacific time
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Here is a selection of estate pipes for sale. All pipes are clean and ready to enjoy. Prices include shipping in the United States and I prefer payment by personal check or money order. I can accept PayPal if the buyer takes care of the fees. Drop me a line at [email protected] if you see something interesting, have any questions, or if you'd like to be notified when I add more pipes to this page. I will haggle especially if buying multiple pipes, and am happy to take $5 off each pipe after the first assuming all pipes are shipped together. Happy to consider trades too.

Rules of engagement To purchase pipe(s), send an email listing the pipe(s) of interest and stating a desire to purchase. I will reply and will confirm that the pipe(s) in question are available, provide a total for the pipe(s) and payment information, and will ask for confirmation by return email that we're all set. Once I receive the email confirming the sale, I will mark the pipe PENDING, and when payment is received the pipe will be marked SOLD and shipped. Pipes are sold first come, first served. I recommend checking email frequently until the sale has been confirmed. I generally reply to emails within 12 hours, often less. If I have not gotten a response to an email within 24 hours, or a payment in the mail hasn't arrived after 10 days, I may operate under the assumption that the sale has fallen through, and release the pipe(s) to someone else.

Hopefully that's all clear, and it reduces confusion and uncertainty for everyone. Really, I'm pretty easy about the whole deal, but I had an interaction recently over a particular pipe that had received an inquiry, then no response, then it was sold to someone else, and then the first party resurfaced and they were really upset. I totally understand where the guy is coming from, as I had never stated my assumptions, so at his request I figured I should write down some ground rules to make things more organized. Can't hurt, anyway.

Available for Purchase

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